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Welcome Post

I've finally started my food blog!

Even though I was procrastinating for almost half a year, the encouragement of my loved ones made me realise that :

1) My laziness will always be there. I already love food hunting and snapping photos of food so why not start a blog?

2) No point worrying about the number of food blogs in existence - everyone has a unique palate and writing style. I should at least try and see where this takes me!

3) This shouldn't be some fleeting enthusiasm fueled by quarantine boredom or year 2021 resolutions. This isn't exercising, this is eating! So commitment shouldn't be an issue (ahem).

I aim to broaden the culinary map in Malaysia and to document my makan adventures wherever that might be.

If you're reading this, THANK YOU as well for showing me support and I hope that you'll be dropping by to check out my weekly postings. Alternatively you can also like my Facebook or follow me on Instagram for updates. I warmly welcome food recommendations and suggestions to improve my blog so please feel free to contact me.

As we're still battling COVID-19 in Malaysia, my coming reviews will be limited to the northern region and a handful of places in PJ/KL until the government removes travel restrictions. Stay safe and keep your bellies full!

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