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Ara Vietnamese Noodles @ Damansara Jaya, PJ

One thing I can't find near my home in Penang: A GOOD BOWL OF PHO! Somehow the menu of Vietnamese restaurants nearby are limited to Vietnamese drip coffee, banh mi, lemongrass pork rice, and braised pork rice. Perhaps there're not a lot of beef eaters here...? Whatever the reason, I'm left with a very bad pho craving.

So during my last trip to KL, I made extra effort to drop by my favourite pho place in PJ!

Ara Vietnamese Noodles Shop in Damansara Jaya
The signboard is really faded, just lookout for the Magnum 4D next door!

It was pretty empty as I was there at 11 am on a weekday.

Ara Vietnamese Noodles interior
No frills decor but it's always bright and clean

The menu features a small selection of noodles, rice and side dishes. If you're unsure of what to order, the friendly owners are always happy to share their recommendations!

I always end up ordering the same dish so scanning through the menu is merely a formality (haha). The service here is very prompt and food normally arrives within 5 minutes. Let's makan!

Special Beef Mix Noodle (5/5)

Their signature special beef mix noodle is a classic Phở Đặc Biệt. The clear broth packs a ton of beefy flavour balanced with aroma from a variety of spices. If the broth is the heart of the pho, this Phở Đặc Biệt is alive and kicking!

Special Beef Mix Noodle / Pho Dac Biet
Special Beef Mix Noodle - RM16

Each bowl comes with thin slices of raw beef, beef balls, beef brisket, beef tripe and beef tendon. If you're not a fan of offals, you can opt for the Beef Noodles (Phở Bò) which only comes with beef and beef balls.

While all the toppings are delicious, my favourite has got to be the beef brisket. Succulent and flavourful, I always wish there was more than one piece!

Beef brisket in pho
My favourite tender & flavourful piece of beef brisket

And be sure to enjoy the piece of radish that comes with the pho - it's deliciously sweet and beefy after absorbing all that lovely broth!

BBQ Pork Skewers (4.5/5)

These BBQ pork cheek skewers are so succulent - just look at the glistening appearance! It's full of flavour from the marinade so I normally skip the sauce and just enjoy it with the preserved shredded carrots and radish. Do be mindful of the 15-minute wait as it's cooked to order.

BBQ Pork Skewers
BBQ Pork Skewers - RM7 (2 skewers)

Overall, I find the food here to be more authentic than most of the popular franchised Vietnamese establishments in Klang Valley. There's something charming & unpretentious about this place. And their service and cleanliness are commendable for a family-run restaurant. It still remains my go-to place for a satisfying bowl of pho when I'm in PJ. If only they'll open a branch near my place in Penang - I'll be dining in weekly!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4.5/5

Price : 4.5/5

Environment : 4/5

Service : 4.5/5

Must order : Pho, Pork Skewers

Operating Hours Tuesday - Sunday (10am–2:45pm;5:30pm–8:45pm)

Closed on Monday.


Ara Vietnamese Noodles

45, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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