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Chang Jiang White Coffee @ Ipoh, Perak

[Pork Free]

With over 2,400 reviews on Google, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular Kopitiams in Ipoh. I was in Ipoh on a weekday and decided to drop by for brunch.

There are two outlets next to each other - the original is in a renovated old house while their second branch is in a massive three-storey building.

Chang Jiang Kopitiam second branch
Chang Jiang Kopitiam second branch

I decided to try the original outlet since there was no queue and the place looks more charming than the second branch.

Chang Jiang Kopitiam building
Chang Jiang Kopitiam original outlet
Chang Jiang Kopitiam waiting area
Waiting area outside
Wonder if I can order a drink of this size?
Chang Jiang Kopitiam entrance
Chang Jiang Kopitiam entrance
Chang Jiang Kopitiam interior
Old school interior

Upon showing us our seats, the waiter passed us some menus and we were to write down our orders on the order chits.

Chang Jiang Kopitiam menu
Even the menu fits the theme of the place

Upon ordering, we're asked to proceed with payment at the counter.

Chang Jiang Kopitiam instant drinks (tea & coffee)
Array of their home brand drinks for sale next to the payment counter

The servers seemed slightly disorganised as a few of them wandered around looking for the correct table number - a recent change in the seating arrangements perhaps?

Food arrived within a quick 10-15minutes since it wasn't particularly crowded.

Let's makan!

Iced White Coffee and Iced Wangher Crossover (4.5/5)

The drinks were THICK! One sip and I was definitely feeling more awake.

The white coffee tasted like the good ones served by traditional kopitiams - sweet, milky and really aromatic.

The Wangher Crossover (how fancy is this name?) is essentially "Cham" or a mix of coffee and tea. Prepared with evaporated milk and condensed milk, it tasted nicely balanced and refreshing on a hot morning.

Iced White Coffee and Iced Wangher Crossover/Cham
Iced White Coffee and Iced Wangher Crossover - RM4.90 each

Oh, not forgetting that the iced drinks were served like this so you can have abit of fun pouring the drinks in:

Chang Jiang Kopitiam iced drink
Just a bit of DIY involved in "making" this drink

Hot Wangher Crossover (3.5/5)

While the iced Wangher Crossover was delectable, the hot version was far too sweet for my liking. We ended up pouring it into the remaining ice to dilute the drink.

Hot Wangher Crossover/Cham
Hot Wangher Crossover - RM4.60

Kaya Butter Toast (5/5)

They really nailed this. Chunky sticks of premium salted butter and a nice slather of fragrant kaya on toasted Hainanese bread. Perfection.

Kaya Butter Toast
Kaya Butter Toast - RM5.50

Soft Boiled Eggs (4.5/5)

Nice and runny kampung chicken eggs. Would've liked it served slightly warmer but it's good enough to dip my toast in!

Signature Noodle (3.5/5)

According to the menu, this traditional dish has been around for 100 years. Dark soy sauce noodles topped with minced chicken and fried shallots are served with a side of braised chicken feet, beancurd, and hard-boiled egg.

Chang Jiang Signature Noodle
Signature Noodle - RM9.60

The dark soy sauce noodles are quite fragrant especially when eaten with the generous helping of fried shallots. Nonetheless, I find the braised sides to be quite mild and forgettable.

Golden Rice (3.5/5)

A simple bowl of rice with minced chicken and copious amounts of fried shallots. The simplicity of this dish makes it quite delicious. The only issue I had was that it was served just abit too cold. This would be great piping hot!

Chang Jiang Golden Rice
Golden Rice - RM8.20

Macaroni Soup (3.5/5)

A bit of an unusual dish so we decided to try it out. The clear soup was flavourful and the macaroni was al dente. Nothing too special about the fried meatball and chicken mince topping. Again, pretty average.

Macaroni Soup
Macaroni Soup - RM7.60

Overall, it's a great spot to enjoy traditional coffee, tea and toast. The toast is so good that I'd be happy to drive to Ipoh just to enjoy it for breakfast! Nonetheless, the other dishes were quite average and you can easily find tastier options around Ipoh at a fraction of the price. If you love taking photos, be sure to visit the original outlet as there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing decor and murals for you to pose with. But do try to avoid peak hours over the weekends as the queues can get quite crazy.

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4/5

Price : 3.5/5

Environment : 4/5

Service : 4/5

Must order : Iced Coffee & Wangher Crossover, Kaya Butter Toast

Operating Hours Open Daily (8am - 6pm)


Chang Jiang White Coffee

7, Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak

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