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Duck Kuay Chap @ Kimberly Street Georgetown

This is a highly popular spot that 9/10 tourists would have on their "must eat in Penang" list. While I found it quite yummy during my last visit a few years back, the huge crowds have scared me away from a return visit. Just imagine snaking long queues, sharing a tiny table with strangers, and gobbling down your bowl of kuay chap because someone is already impatiently eyeing your seat - eating does not get more stressful than this! Nonetheless, I was in the area at 3 pm this weekend and managed to find parking right next to the stall. The stars were finally aligned for my return visit to Kimberly Street Duck Kuay Chap.

Small queue at Kimberly Street Duck Kuay Chap
Small queue already forming at this hour
Friendly lady boss was highly efficient so no wait was needed
Duck Kuay Chap ingredients
Mountain of ingredients

This was a snack after lunch so we only ordered one regular bowl with add ons to share.

Let's makan!

Duck Kuay Chap - Regular (3.5/5)

Visually, it looks appetising with a generous array of toppings including braised egg, duck blood, duck meat, pig intestines, and pig ears.

The duck meat was juicy and the offals were tender. However, there was a lingering taste from the offals. I thought it could have been cleaned & prepared better.

Duck Kuay Chap (regular with add ons)
Duck Kuay Chap (regular with add ons) - RM16

The broth has a strong herbal & duck aroma - the good old "kochabi" taste that I like. The broad rice sheets (kuay) were smooth and cooked just right to be enjoyed with the tasty broth.

Shi Gua Th'ng (4/5)

To dine in, each table must order a drink so we went for the Shi Gua Th'ng (also more commonly known as Leng Chee Kang or sweet lotus seed soup). It was not too sweet and very refreshing after the meaty bowl of kuay chap.

Shi Gua Th'ng or Leng Chee Kang (sweet lotus seed drink)
Shi Gua Th'ng - RM3(?) I think, forgot to note down the price

Overall, the old school herbal and duck flavours are still as good as I remembered. However, it was a shame that the offals were not prepared well or it would have been an enjoyable bowl of Kuay Chap. The price is quite steep but it's understandable due to its popularity with both locals and tourists alike. I'd highly advise dropping by around 3-4 pm for a more relaxing dining experience.

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 3.5/5

Price : 3/5

Environment : 4/5 (off-peak hours)

Service : 4/5

Must order : Duck Kuay Chap

Operating Hours Friday - Wednesday (3.00 pm–10.00 pm). Closed on Thursday.


Kimberley Street Duck Kway Chap 10100, 97-143, Lebuh Kimberley, Georgetown, 10100 George Town, Penang.

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