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Kafe Khoon Hiang @ Georgetown, Penang

Google "Best Penang Char Kuay Teow" and you'll definitely find the usual famous stalls like Siam Road, Sisters, Lorong Selamat, Bee Hooi, etc. Deciding to try somewhere new, I visited Kafe Khoon Hiang on the recommendation of my Penangite friend. The famous Ah Leng Char Kuay Teow used to occupy this kopitiam years ago but have since moved across the road. The current Char Kuay Teow stall is located right at the entrance. If you don't see it, just follow the Char Kuay Teow aroma wafting through the air!

Char Kuay Teow (5/5)

Our dish arrived in 5 minutes and it was a sight to behold: large prawns, generous pieces of lap cheong (Chinese sausage), charred bits of pork lard, and dark soy sauce glazed kuay teow. Skillfully prepared, it wasn't too greasy and had strong wok hei (smokiness from cooking over high heat) in every bite. The fragrance of the garlic and chye poh (salted radish) really added depth to the dish. While the absence of si ham (cockles) was a bit of a bummer, the fresh prawns more than made up for it. Highly recommended!

Plate of Penang Char Kuay Teow with large prawns, beansprouts, lap cheong, pork lard and kuchai
Char Kuay Teow - RM7 (basic, no add ons)

Hokkien Mee (4/5)

Feeling a bit greedy, we also ordered a bowl of Hokkien Mee to share after seeing quite a few orders from the stall. The basic bowl features the standard toppings with some small prawns, slices of pork, hard-boiled egg, beansprouts, and fried shallots. Despite how plain it looks, the soup packs a ton of prawn flavours and a good amount of heat from the well-balanced sambal. Spicy, sweet, and aromatic, it has all the makings of a good bowl of Hokkien Mee. If you'd prefer more proteins with your noodles, you can opt to add eggs, spare ribs and/or prawns.

Bowl of Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee & Bee Hoon with beansprouts, prawns, pork and fried shallots
Hokkien Mee - RM5 (basic, no add ons)

While the stall is not currently listed as one of the best places to enjoy Char Kuay Teow, they should be very soon if they continue whipping up food of this quality! Portion and price are great for Penang island standards. We barely had to wait since this kopitiam isn't a popular spot.......yet. The cleanliness is acceptable for an old kopitiam and the spacious seating is comfortable enough on a warm morning.

Sabbylicious Rating

Food : 4.5/5

Price : 5/5

Environment : 3.5/5

Service : 3/5

Must order : Char Kuay Teow

Opening Hours Wednesday-Sunday (8:30 am–1:00 pm). Closed Monday & Tuesday.


Kafe Khoon Hiang 358, Jalan Dato Keramat, George Town, 10150 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

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