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KAZE Japanese Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam

We decided to visit KAZE Restaurant for Mother's Day lunch last weekend since mum loves Japanese food. Located in the ever-crowded Icon City, we're lucky to find parking during lunchtime on a busy Sunday!

Kaze Japanese Restaurant in Icon City, Bukit Mertajam
Exterior of the restaurant.

The restaurant occupies two floors and is decorated with various Japanese ornaments. The ground floor was full so we're seated upstairs.

Inside Kaze Restaurant with Japanese deco
Interior of the restaurant with various Japanese decorations.

Their huge menu includes a range of dishes such as sashimi, sushi (nigiri, rolls, temaki), tataki, sarada, otsumami, agemono, itamemono, yakimono, ippin ryori, menrui, gohan, donburi, teishoku, etc. They also have a drink and dessert menu that includes a good variety of sake.

The waiters were preoccupied explaining orders and seating availability among themselves so it took a few tries before someone finally took our order. While the restaurant is understandably busy on Mother's Day, the frequency of these internal discussions among so many waitstaff throughout our meal was quite unnerving.

Thankfully food arrived within a reasonable timeframe so let's makan!

Hotate Mentai Sushi (4/5)

The scallops were fresh and plump. Sushi rice was also good but the mentai flavours could be stronger. I personally would have preferred slightly more char as well.

Hotate Mentai Sushi (torched/aburi scallop sushi with pollack roe)
Hotate Mentai Sushi - RM6.80 per piece

Tori Nanban (3.5/5)

The chunky pieces of fried chicken thigh came out deliciously succulent. While I enjoyed the tanginess of the tartar sauce, it was a tad too watery for my liking.

Tori Nanban/ Chicken Karaage topped with tartar sauce
Tori Nanban - RM18

Ika Geso Yaki (4/5)

This was quite a sizeable portion of grilled squid tentacles. Fortunately, they were tender and had a nice smoky scent that pairs well with the sweet teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki squid tentacles
Ika Geso Yaki - RM11.80

Soft Shell Crab Karaage (4.5/5)

The crabs were fresh, crisp, and sweet! The portion size was also generous.

Fried Soft Shell Crab (Karaage)
Soft Shell Crab Karaage - RM22

Unagi Maki (4/5)

The tempura bits and cucumber gave a nice crunch to this reversed roll topped with slices of unagi and avocado. A good combination of flavours and textures.

Unagi sushi roll with avacado, tempura, cucumber and sesame seeds
Unagi Maki - RM32

Sashimi, Tempura and Unadon Teishoku (4.5/5)

Yes, we ordered another unagi dish as it's mum's favourite!

  • The unagi was tender and flavourful. Prepared with sweet kabayaki sauce, it's so good with rice!

  • Tempura jumbo shrimp and assorted vegetables (brinjal, capsicum, pumpkin, and sweet potato) were enjoyably light and crispy.

  • Chawanmushi was flavourful, silky smooth, and contained lots of goodies such as ginkgo, chicken, naruto, crabstick, and mushroom.

  • The simple miso soup and salad were both tasty. The fruits were also fresh.

Set of 3 types of sashimi, tempura shrimp and vegetables, unadon, salad, chawamushi, miso soup and cut fruits.
Sashimi, Tempura and Unadon Teishoku - RM70

Despite being a part of the set, we had to check in three times for our sashimi. We'd already finished all our food by the time it's served - sashimi for dessert, anyone? Thankfully, the slices of fish were thick and fresh. Worth the wait!

Thick slices of salmon, maguro (tuna) and hamachi (amberjack) sashimi
Salmon, Tuna and Amberjack Sashimi (Part of the set ordered)

Overall, the food tasted delicious and fresh. Quality control across dishes is commendable since it's a busy day. But when paying premium prices with a 10% service charge, the dining experience fell short. The constant blaring of waitstaff walkie-talkies and their loud casual chatter killed the ambiance. Aside from the prompt refilling of green tea, it's far from the attentive and polished service synonymous with upscale Japanese restaurants. Nonetheless, the food was delectable enough to warrant a second visit - let's hope the service improves next time!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4/5

Price : 3.5/5

Environment : 3/5

Service : 2.5/5

Must order : Sashimi & unagi.

Operating Hours Monday - Friday (11.30am–2.30pm, 6.00pm–10.00pm) Saturday - Sunday (11:30am–10.00pm)


KAZE Japanese Restaurant

22, Jln Icon City, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

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