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Kedai Kopi Lor San @ Alor Setar, Kedah

Taking a ferry to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah Jetty? Looking for an authentic local breakfast spot? Look no further than Kedai Kopi Lor San! This century-old restaurant is only a short 20 minutes drive from the jetty and is famous for their Herbal Duck Leg Noodles and Yong Tau Foo!

Kedai Kopi Lor San
Parking spots are behind the shop

It was pretty quiet when we arrived at around 10.30am since their Yong Tau Foo offering only starts at 11am.

Kedai Kopi Lor San interior
The well-maintained interior exudes an old school charm

We started our breakfast with their herbal noodles soup (yes, noodles as a snack before we start our actual breakfast). Unfortunately, they ran out of their famous Herbal Duck Leg so we opted for Herbal Chicken and Herbal Pork Ribs instead.

Herbal Chicken Noodles & Herbal Pork Ribs Mee Sua (4/5)

The broth was delicious! It had a beautiful herbal aroma and a nice pop of spiciness from the ginger. After 5-6hours of steaming, both proteins have fully absorbed the flavourful broth and were fall-of-the-bone tender. I could only imagine how good the duck would taste as ginger and duck are a heavenly combo!

Herbal Chicken Noodles
Herbal Chicken Noodles - RM7.50

The mee sua (flour vermicelli) pairs better with the herbal broth compared to the yellow noodles. In terms of protein, both were equally enjoyable so order whichever you fancy!

Herbal Pork Ribs Mee Sua (Flour Vermicelli)
Herbal Pork Ribs Mee Sua - RM8

A crowd started to form once they started their Yong Tau Foo orders. From walk-in diners to locals bringing their tiffin carriers for takeaway, you definitely need to come early to avoid disappointment!

Busy Kedai Kopi Lor San
Hungry patrons selecting their Yong Tau Foo

They offer a good selection of Yong Tau Foo. We spotted some of the usuals (stuffed bitter gourd, fried wantan, etc) as well as some special toppings (pig offals, stuffed cauliflower, cuttlefish).

Yong Tau Foo - Chillies, okra, bittergourd and cauliflower stuffed with fish paste
I'm curious to try the stuffed cauliflower
Yong Tau Foo selection - blood curd, pig's intestines, wantan

Yong Tau Foo - Fried beancurd, rolls, pig's kidney, cuttlefish

As it was the beginning of our holiday, we decided to be greedy and order a piece of everything! If only I were this ambitious and determined for other aspects of life. Hah

Assorted Yong Tau Foo (4.5/5)

You'd be sorely mistaken to expect a mild soup accompanying your Yong Tau Foo - it may look clear but it's nothing short of a flavour bomb! Prepared with pork bones and loaded with the array of Yong Tau Foo ordered, the soup delivers umami with every slurp.

Bowl of Yong Tau Foo
Assorted Yong Tau Foo - RM17.50

Time to dig into the Yong Tau Foo. Stuffed with their fresh & bouncy homemade fish paste, it was a mile better than the commercialised ones packed with flour and MSG. Everything tasted so fresh and homely. I'm especially impressed by the fried beancurd/wantan for not turning the soup into a bowl of grease!

The stuffed cauliflower still had a nice crunch and is pretty refreshing. While it doesn't taste all that special (just imagine how cauliflower and fish paste would taste), it's still worth a try because you don't normally find this elsewhere.

Cauliflower Yong Tau Foo
This was a first for me - it's not every day that you savour stuffed cauliflower

For adventurous eaters, make sure you try the pig offals too. Properly prepared and cooked, they add a scrumptious variety & "meatiness" to the soup. Another standout for me was the unassuming pieces of brown cuttlefish. Somehow the ones served here are extra tender and flavourful - a must-order for sure!

Dry "Bee Tai Bak" (3.5/5)

We also ordered their “Pork Minced Noodles” to go with the Yong Tau Foo. Silky threads of Bee Tai Bak (Rice Pin Noodles) were topped with a simple but aromatic braised pork mince. I didn't find it too special, especially when compared to the quality of the Yong Tau Foo but it was good enough to round off the meal.

Silver Pin Noodles with braised minced pork
Dry "Bee Tai Bak" - RM4.50

Overall, it was a hearty breakfast full of kochabi (traditional flavours). The shop is currently manned by third-generation owners who are undoubtedly doing a great job in preserving the original recipes & cooking methods. Aside from serving up tasty food, they are friendly and efficient in their service too. For shutterbugs, the lane beside the shop has some nice murals that are also worth checking out. Make sure you drop by if you're ever near Alor Setar!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4/5

Price : 4/5

Environment : 4/5

Service : 4/5

Must order : Assorted Yong Tau Foo & Herbal Soup

Operating Hours Saturday - Thursday (7.00am - 1.30pm, Yong Tau Foo is only sold from 11 am onwards) Closed on Friday.


Kedai Kopi Lor San

38, Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid, Taman Pesisiran Tanjung Chali, 05050 Alor Setar, Kedah

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