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Kura Japanese Restaurant @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall, PJ

[Pork Free]

Ichiro Sushi bar used to be my go-to Japanese Restaurant in 1 Utama. But once their food quality started to decline, I decided to try Kura Japanese Restaurant instead - reviews seem promising so why not?

Kura Japanese Restaurant entrance
Entrance located next to the lobby of One World Hotel

The layout of the restaurant offers a more private dining experience.

Kura Restaurant dining booths
Dining booths
Kura Restaurant private dining room
Large dining room

The servers were prompt in their service and took our drink orders while passing us the menu. Turns out Kura is under the same management as the Rakuzen chain of restaurants. Even their menus & prices are identical! My previous dining experiences with Rakuzen were average at best - the taste & service attentiveness did not commensurate with their prices. Hopefully, my experience with Kura would be better.

Let's makan!

Oki Sashimi Moriawase (4.5/5)

Seven varieties of sashimi - Salmon, Akami (lean Tuna), Kanpachi (Amberjack), Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), Hotate (Scallop), Tako (Octopus) & Ika (Squid). Pleasing to the eyes and pleasing to the tastebuds! Everything was fresh & delicious.

Assorted sashimi - lean tuna, salmon, scallops, amberjack, sweet shrimp, octopus, squid
Oki Sashimi Moriawase (3pcs each) - RM120

Otoro Nigiri (4.5/5)

The fat marbling of the otoro (belly) has a rich buttery flavour. Does it melt in your mouth? Yes. Did I enjoy it? 100%.

Otoro Nigiri
Otoro Nigiri - RM13/each

Assorted Nigiri (4/5)

We ordered some with unagi, aburi hotate (torched scallop), crab meat, octopus and inari. While they were all delicious, I enjoyed the unagi the most. Charred thick slices of eel with a brush of luscious teriyaki sauce - too good!

Assorted nigiri - Crab, unagi, torched scallop, octopus and inari
Unagi-RM7/each; Aburi Hotate-RM6/each; Tako-RM5/each; Kani-RM3/each; Inari - RM2

Kani Chawanmushi (4/5)

The smooth & flavourful chawanmushi pairs well with the thick sauce loaded with crab meat. If anything, the sauce reminds me of shark's fin soup (minus the cruelty).

Kani Chawanmushi (steamed egg with crab meat and special sauce
Kani Chawanmushi - RM19

Oyako Don Zen (4/5)

This set comes with Oyako Don, a small braised side dish, chawanmushi, miso soup and cut fruits.

Oyako Don Zen - RM29

The Oyakon was delicious! Juicy pieces of chicken and runny eggs cooked in flavourful dashi, topped on a warm bowl of rice.

Oyako Don
Chicken and eggs cooked to perfection

Cha Soba (4/5)

These delicate green tea noodles were refreshing to enjoy cold with the tsuyu(dipping sauce). If you've never tried this, you'll have a lot of fun mixing the raw quail egg, sliced green onion and sliced seaweed into the tsuyu before dipping the noodles in - optional to also add a small amount of wasabi for an extra zing!

Cha Soba
Cha Soba - RM20

Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Kura. Aside from having the same menu, it surpasses Rakuzen in every aspect - tastier food, more attentive service, and a cosier dining environment. While it does not feel like the most authentic Japanese restaurant, the quality of food and price make it a solid option for Japanese food in One Utama. I'll definitely be back!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4/5

Price : 4/5

Environment : 4/5

Service : 4/5

Must order : Sashimi, sushi,

Operating Hours Open Daily (11:30am–3pm, 6–10pm)


Kura Japanese Restaurant, Ground Floor, One World Hotel First Avenue, Off, Dataran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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