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La Moon Thai Restaurant @ TTDI, KL

[Pork Free]

I've heard many good things about La Moon, helmed by Chef Trakool 'Korn' Yodsuk who was previously from Erawan. But due to its reputation as one of the best Thai restaurants in KL, the place is always packed on the weekends! Thankfully, we managed to book a seat for dinner last Saturday.

The restaurant is located within The Greens Condo in TTDI. For easy access to the restaurant, best to park within the building's Secure Parking space.

La Moon Thai Restaurant Entrance
Take the lift up to Level 2 and you'll see the restaurant

Their interior was bright and inviting. Check out the bird-tiful drawings on the wall!

La Moon sitting area
Spacious enough to comfortably host large groups

Servers were prompt to seat us and share their menu. Upon ordering, we received our meal within a quick 10 minutes. Let's makan!

Seafood Tom Yum (4.5/5)

There are two options to decide upon when ordering Tom Yam: thick or clear soup, and level of spiciness (1-3). We opted for their clear Tom Yam with Level 1 spiciness.

Clear seafood tom yam with squid, prawns, mushroom
Seafood Tom Yum (serves 2-3pax) - RM58

The bowl arrived brimming with fresh squids, prawns and king oyster mushrooms. I took a sip of the piquant soup and was instantly hit by its spiciness - this definitely packs more heat than your regular Tom Yum! The server noticed that we found it quite spicy and advised us to order Thick Tom Yum at Level 0 spiciness if we prefer it milder next time (please take note if you've got weak taste buds like me!).

Spiciness aside, the Tom Yum was delectable! Aromatic, bright and refreshing, each sip was more addictive than the last.

Clear tom yam with shrimp, squid and king oyster mushroom
The ingredients were all extremely fresh

Cha-Om Omelette (4.5/5)

I don't think I've tried Cha-Om before. This vegetable is also known as Stinky Leaf due to its pungent odour. I was quite worried that it'd be as strong as Petai/Stinky Bean but to my relief, it only has a subtle herbaceous taste!

Cha Om Fluffy Thai Omelette
Cha-Om Omelette - RM48

After a few more bites, I concluded that Cha-Om is like young Paku Pakis (Fiddlehead Ferns) but with a more bitter and nutty taste. It pairs well with the fluffy and crunchy omelette which magically tasted oil-free despite being deep-fried. They really know how to make a good Thai omelette!

Crispy & fluffy Cha-Om Thai Omelette
Beautifully prepared Thai omelette

Salted Egg Squid (5/5)

Unlike other establishments that normally serve their salted egg squid deep-fried, La Moon's version is cooked in a luscious & savoury salted egg yolk sauce. Not sure what secret ingredients went into the sauce but it was so delicious that I could eat this any day with a warm bowl of rice.

Salted Egg Squid
Salted Egg Squid - RM48

Speaking of rice, they serve high-quality Thai Jasmine Rice in a cute metal pot. While this is a single portion, the serving is big enough to satisfy two small eaters.

Thai Jasmine Rice - RM3

Overall, I fully understand the hype surrounding this restaurant. Aside from serving delicious & authentic Thai food prepared with fresh ingredients, the ambience was comfortable and welcoming. The higher prices are justified by the premium ingredients and decent portion sizes. I do have to note that the servers became quite flustered & disorganised once the place filled up around 7.30pm. For a more relaxing dining experience, I'd advise coming in for an early dinner. Just remember to make a reservation first!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4.5/5

Price : 4/5

Environment : 4/5

Service : 3.5/5

Must order : Salted Egg Squid, Thai Omelette, Tom Yum

Operating Hours Tuesday-Sunday (12:15pm–3pm, 5pm–9:30pm)

Closed on Monday


La Moon Thai Restaurant

Unit No.2-1, Greens Terrace, Jalan Wan Kadir 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

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