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Restoran Panchor Indah @ Nibong Tebal, Penang

Pork innards featured so if you're not an adventurous eater, skip this review.

This hidden gem is tucked in an unassuming neighbourhood kopitiam in Nibong Tebal. After trying numerous pork innards soup around Malaysia (including the famous one in Bukit Mertajam), I find that this stall serves one of the best versions of this dish, albeit a milder version that doesn't pack as much salted vegetable flavour.

Restoran Panchor Indah in Nibong Tebal
Exterior of the kopitiam
Stall selling yam rice & pork innards soup
The stall - it's plain and easy to miss!

Pork Innards Soup (5/5)

The standard bowl of soup includes a generous serving of liver, kidney, stomach, skin, tongue, heart, pork belly slices, and pork balls. You may request to omit or add any of the parts. The broth here is distinctively clear and tastes "fresh". Fans of this dish will understand the disappointment of smelling any off-putting odour due to poorly cleaned innards. More delicate innards such as the blood, kidney and liver were also perfectly cooked - a praiseworthy feat as these parts are notoriously prone to overcooking if not handled with care. The relatively mild salted vegetable soup cuts through the "porkiness" and cleanses the palate between each bite. Oh, and just to sweeten the deal, they offer a free refill of the soup. Perfection in a bowl!

Bowl of Pork Innards Soup with Salted Vegetables
Pork Innards Soup - RM5 for single portion

Their special dipping sauce made of homemade sambal and dark soy sauce. Fragrant, not too spicy and pairs well with the proteins.

Sambal with Dark Soy Sauce
Special Dipping Sauce

Yam Rice (5/5)

The yam rice was also a standout. It had all the characteristics of a scrumptious bowl of yam rice -generous pieces of yam, savoury dried shrimp, earthy mushrooms, and fluffy grains of rice cooked in aromatic dark soy sauce.

Bowl of Yam Rice with dried shrimp & mushrooms
Yam Rice - RM1.50 for single portion

Can't praise the food enough in terms of the taste, portion and price. The owner and his wife are both friendly and prompt in their service. Cleanliness is good for the stall itself but average for the entire kopitiam. Unfortunately, they have stopped serving their braised side dishes (pork trotters, intestines, etc) since the MCO started in 2020 - let's hope those will be back when you drop by their stall!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 5/5

Price : 5/5

Environment : 3/5

Service : 4.5/5

Must order : Pork Innards Soup and Yam Rice.

Operating Hours Tuesday - Sunday (7.30 am–1.00 pm but closes early once sold out). Closed on Monday.


Restoran Panchor Indah

Taman Bukit Panchor, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang

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