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Restoran Rong Neng @ Nibong Tebal

MCO & lockdown is back in Malaysia and that means cooking or tapau-ing (taking away) from around my area every day. While there's a good variety of economy rice and noodles nearby, I'm starting to miss exploring makan places over the weekends.

Thankfully, some family friends suggested that I try Restoran Rong Neng! Due to its location, it's not a place for non-locals like myself to stumble upon.

Restaurant Rong Neng in Nibong Tebal
Exterior of the restaurant - a no-frills set up. (image from Google maps)

For a Saturday afternoon with no dine-in allowed, it was pretty busy and the owner was whizzing around taking orders and preparing drinks while his wife was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I had to rely on the recommendation of the owner since no menu was displayed. Other customers were clearly regulars since they knew what to order! They mainly serve fried noodles, fried rice, and fresh live seafood:

Fresh live crabs with roe
Live crabs with roe - RM12 for one or RM20 for two
Live mantis prawns
Live mantis prawns (L size) - RM17/100g

Availability of live seafood varies as they come in fresh daily.

Cham Peng (Iced coffee & tea) (5/5) I ordered this while waiting and it was so good. Frothy, aromatic, and silky smooth. I could come back just for this!

Cham Peng or iced coffee and tea
Cham Peng - RM1.50

Fried "Tua Pan" Noodles with Crabs and Mantis Prawn (4/5) Tua pan is essentially kuay teow but in larger sheets. This dish is therefore similar to Cantonese Kuay Teow or Wat Tan Hor - but an extra indulgent version. The tua pan itself had good "wok hei" with the noodles having a slightly seared smoky taste. Flavour-wise, sweetness from the crabs and mantis prawn really made the lustrous eggy gravy extra delicious.

Fried "Tua Pan" Noodles with Crabs and Mantis Prawn
Fried "Tua Pan" Noodles with Crabs and Mantis Prawn - RM58.20

No complaints at all about the quality of seafood - extremely fresh & meaty!

Fresh & meaty mantis prawn
Fresh & meaty mantis prawn
Crabs with roe
Crabs were full of roe as promised!

While this dish isn't something that I can indulge in daily (unless cholesterol is completely made up), the food and drink were definitely tasty enough to warrant a return visit! The owner and his wife are both friendly and there's no questioning the speediness of their service. Cleanliness and orderliness, however, could be improved. Check out this local spot the next time you're in Nibong Tebal.......when MCO ends!

Sabbylicious Makan Rating

Food : 4/5

Price : 4/5

Environment : 2.5/5

Service : 4/5

Must order : Fresh live seafood!

Operating Hours Monday - Saturday (2.00 pm until sold out in the evening). Closed on Sunday. *Varies during MCO. Do call in advance to check. Meng (Owner) : 012-5648882/016-6683788


Restoran Rong Neng

128, Jalan Permatang Tok Mahat, Taman Fajar, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang

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